21 Apr 2008

Another Guam school closes for health reasons

1:18 pm on 21 April 2008

Another school has been closed on Guam due to health and safety violations, including a severe rat infestation problem.

The Health and Safety Task Force has shut down Ordot-Chalan Pago Elementary School.

It was the second school closed that day, the task force ordered Agueda Johnston Middle School closed for health and safety problems.

In March, Southern High School was closed for about two weeks to fix a wide range of problems.

The Pacific Daily News reports that an inspection of five classrooms at Ordot-Chalan Pago Elementary, revealed rat droppings, dwellings and shredded school supplies in almost every corner and closet.

Fire Captain Joe Muna found communication wiring that had been gnawed by tiny teeth.

Other health and safety problems found included falling ceilings, numerous water leaks, and blocked exits.