18 Apr 2008

Chamorro call on CNMI governor to resign

3:30 pm on 18 April 2008

A Chamorro rights group is calling for the immediate resignation of the governor of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial.

Taotao Tana leader Greg Cruz has told the Marianas Variety that Governor Fitial should resign because the longer he sits in that office worse things will happen to the people and will continue to hurt them.

Mr Cruz was referring to the CNMI's wide range of economic ills - a power utility system that doesn't work; tourism in rapid decline; the Saipan garment industry collapsing and government revenues shrinking.

But the governor's press spokesman, Charles P. Reyes Jr. says Governor Fitial will not consider resignation.

Mr Reyes says asking Mr Fitial to resign now, is like asking Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Winston Churchill to resign during World War II.

Governor Fitial recently announced that he would run for re-election next year