16 Apr 2008

American Samoa offered cruise ship to accomodate Festival visitors

10:03 am on 16 April 2008

American Samoa's Arts Festival Board has received a formal proposal from a Hawaii based cruise ship company to help accommodate visitors who'll be coming to watch the display of Pacific Arts and culture.

Co Chairman, Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, says the company has made two offers.

One is to have a small cruise ship, with capacity for 300 people, berthed at Pago Pago during the festival. The other is to construct a makeshift camp built with steel and fabric as temporary accommodation.

Fagafaga says the company wants a guarantee on occupancy before they will commit the liner.

The cruise ship idea was proposed to accommodate visitors who want to come for the festival but want to stay in hotel rooms rather than the home stay programme.

All 200 hotel and motel rooms available in the territory have already been booked up.