15 Apr 2008

Talks continue as French Polynesia no confidence vote looms

3:41 pm on 15 April 2008

The French Polynesian government says it is talks with the three assembly members named as possible defectors to bring down the government in tomorrow's vote of no confidence.

The government spokesman, Teva Rohfritsch, has told local television that the three have reportedly also been in Bora Bora which is the home island of the opposition leader Gaston Tong Sang.

The three, Michel Yip, Justine Teura and Georges Handerson, are said to be ready to abandon the ruling coalition which came to power in February following an early general election.

The vote is due to be held tomorrow but if there is no quorum, it will be deferred by 24 hours.

It comes after reforms to the electoral system as part of a French effort to increase political stability in Tahiti.

Under the new type of no confidence process, a successor to the president has to be named in the motion.

If the motion passes, Mr Tong Sang immediately becomes the new president.