10 Apr 2008

Probe underway in PNG at Jackson's International Airport in Port Moresby

11:16 am on 10 April 2008

The director-general of Papua New Guinea's Civil Aviation Authority says he plans to verify reports that the VIP lounge at Jackson's International Airport in Port Moresby is being misused.

Joseph Kintau says claims which surfaced in local media this week of the lounge being used by protocol officials to "sneak" in foreigners and non-VIPs are of extreme concern.

Industry sources also claim more than 30 foreigners came in without visas in the last three weeks.

Mr Kintau says he will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to probe misuse of the VIP lounge since it comes under Ministry jurisdiction.

But he says the overall security at the airport rests with the CAA and he is awaiting a report from the airport security manager on the claims.

"And I asked that further investigations be done to work out why this happened, what are the facts behind it, so that we can take steps to rectify it and ensure that this doesn't happen if in fact it did happen. If there are illegal things happening then I need to review the arrangements."

The director-general of PNG's Civil Aviation Authority,

Joseph Kintau.