18 Mar 2008

Vanuatu businesses welcome Digicel

2:33 pm on 18 March 2008

Vanuatu's Chamber of Commerce welcomes the arrival of the new mobile phone competitor, Digicel, into the country.

Digicel has won a mobile phone license for Vanuatu, breaking the monopoly by Telecom Vanuatu.

The company plans to create about 70 new jobs and invest about 35 million US dollars into the network.

The Chamber's general manager, John Aruhuri, says businesses in Vanuatu will profit from Digicel's arrival.

"We very warmly welcome Digicel. This has been one of a long time pending issues that we've had for many years. We believe the competition in this sector will mean better efficient services and of course the cost as we hope should be more competitive for businesses."

John Aruhuri hopes Digicel will also offer its services to remote rural areas.