17 Mar 2008

Scientology faces opposition in American Samoa

2:39 pm on 17 March 2008

Three Assembly of God ministers in American Samoa have staged a protest to discourage people from taking part in Scientology meetings.

They displayed placards opposing the community meetings which began last Friday.

Pastor Sauni Tuitoelau of the Assembly of God Church in Nuuuli says he organised the demonstration because he does not want people to fall for the Scientology members' tactics.

He said the organisation is trying to get its foot into the territory by offering disaster training and other teachings when its real intentions are to promote its beliefs.

Pastor Tuitoelau said he was particularly concerned about the influence the Scientology members would have on young people.

Matthew Andrews, the director of the Scientology South Pacific Goodwill tour, said he had wanted to talk to one of the ministers to try to find out what they know about Scientology, but was brushed aside.