26 Feb 2008

Solomons Govt welcomes decision to have RAMSI report directly to it

11:30 am on 26 February 2008

The Solomon Islands government has welcomed the decision to have the Regional Assistance Mission report directly to it before the Pacific Islands Forum.

It's one of the key outcomes of the inaugural meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Standing Committee on RAMSI, which oversees the Australian-led mission.

The Committee comprises Foreign Ministers of past, present and future Forum chair countries - Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Niue - as well as Foreign Ministers of Solomon Islands and Australia.

Jeremiah Magele, the secretary to the Solomons Prime Minister, says their government is pleased that its priorities will now be taken more into account by RAMSI.

"From day one I think the initiative RAMSI was one of regional partnership and we would like to see that remain after this; and the fact that the Forum ministers agreed to our request for RAMSI to report directly to SIG first before the Forum, I think it's a healthy development for the partnership."

Jeremiah Magele.