14 Feb 2008

Pro-autonomy parties in French Polynesia to meet in two days to try and form governing majority

3:31 pm on 14 February 2008

French Polynesia's two pro-autonomy parties have agreed to meet again the day after tomorrow to discuss a plan aimed at forming a majority for the next five years.

This follows brief talks today after they failed to hold any negotiations before last weekend's early general election, which left the To Tatou Aia coalition two seats short of absolute majority.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The Tahoeraa Huiraatira's Edouard Fritch came out of the meeting, saying his side made no demands but submitted proposals. He also says he agrees with Mr Tong Sang to work out an agreement that mentions no names. Until now, the Tahoeraa has ruled out any deal that would give ministries to five assembly members who had kept switching sides. Mr Tong Sang says all he wants is to achieve stability. The two sides have immediately put a team to work that is to draw up a draft accord within 48 hours. And a week remains before the assembly is due to meet to put the power sharing arrangement to a vote when it chooses a speaker."