12 Feb 2008

New Caledonia union to lay charges against Government after violence towards strikers

4:56 pm on 12 February 2008

The New Caledonian Union for Exploited and Kanak Workers says it'll lodge a complaint against the French Government for using force against strikers.

Several unionists were arrested and many more were questioned after violent clashes between striking unionists and police in mid January.

Claudine Wery reports from Noumea.

"The union decided to lay charges against the French government for violence the unions say they committed against the strikers on 17 January when there were clashes between police and militants from the USTKE. They say many of their militants had been injured, they're talking about broken noses, broken ribs and several of them had been beaten. They say that police had committed unjustified violence against people of the union, but of course, strikers threw stones against police and they burned several vehicles during this event."

Claudine Wery