6 Feb 2008

Fiji's former Supervisor of Elections believes interim government will not be ready for elections

11:55 am on 6 February 2008

Fiji's former Supervisor of Elections, Semesa Karavaki, believes the interim Government may not be able to hold elections by March next year as planned.

Mr Karavaki told Fiji Live the country is in an unstable situation and he fears the March elections will not eventuate because of the time factor.

He says if the government wants to hold an early election then they will have to finalize the electoral roll process because this is credible for any election.

He says the Boundaries Commission, which pays a vital role in the elections process, usually takes more than a year to complete its task.

He says he is certain that the commission is taking their time to delay the process.

And he adds the proposed People's Charter is a "smoke screen" used by the interim Government to delay the process.