5 Feb 2008

Niue hotel project labelled pre-Forum rush job

4:18 pm on 5 February 2008

A 10 million dollar US hotel and golf project in Niue is being criticised as a rush job as the government is to host the Pacific Islands Forum this year.

The hotel is being funded by private Chinese investors.

The Premier Young Vivian says plans for the project are quickly advancing, with the 100-room hotel expected to be ready in time for the Forum in August.

An MP, O'Love Jacobsen, says it appears landowners have been bullied into an arrangement they're not okay with.

"And I'm sad if hardly anyone is going to say anything about it because maybe they're told not to make too much noise because 'we need to get the Forum up and running.' Certain people wanting things up so that it would justify them taking the Forum to Niue. And that's very sad because ultimately if the Forum does go to Niue it's going be a big embarrassment for us."

O'Love Jacobsen.

Premier Vivian says he's unaware of any dissatisfaction among landowners, saying it's a private sector initiative that has the government's blessing.