22 Jan 2008

Ombudsman joins PNG police in complaint probes

4:44 pm on 22 January 2008

The Papua New Guinea police and ombudsman have established an agency to oversee police complaint investigations.

The agency, which will be part of the office of the ombudsman, will watch over police investigations when a complaint has been made by a member of the public.

Chief Inspector Silvester Kalaut says the arrangement is about making the police more accountable.

He says police staff will now be sent on investigations with staff from the office of the ombudsman.

"They accompany to ensure that we deal with the policemen in a fair manner and also the public is completely satisfied on the outcome, so there is an external body watching us. Previously we [thought] that there is no one watching us, we are above the law, we are the masters, and we don't think that we are the servants. So we are trying to change this kind of culture now in the police force."

Silvester Kalaut says investigations along with the ombudsman have already been successful.