9 Jan 2008

American Samoan treasurer asked to resign

6:05 am on 9 January 2008

The American Samoa governor says he will dismiss the territory's treasurer unless he resigns this week.

Velega Savali was appointed treasurer in 2005.

Monica Miller reports from American Samoa.

"Last Friday Velega was handed a letter from the governor saying that his resignation has to be in by tomorrow or he would exercise his executive power and terminate Velega. The letter from the governor apparently cites the fact that Velega has not kept the governor informed of a financial crunch that the ASG is in. There seems to be blame over government finances being very tight at the moment. The treasurer has declined to comment. Everybody has been caught by surprise by the governor's action. A lot of people believe that Velega has done a good job as treasurer."

Monica Miller reporting.