20 Dec 2007

Head of Meridian Services in Fiji held in custody in Kuwait

11:06 am on 20 December 2007

The head of Meridian Services in Fiji, Timoci Lolohea, is being held in custody in Kuwait.

Mr Lolohea, who was instrumental in recruiting about 20-thousand Fijians for work in Kuwait and Iraq, left the country early this year and has not returned.

Those wanting jobs in Kuwait had paid almost 100-US dollars each for processing fees or a total of nearly 2-million US dollars.

According to the Fijilive website, Lolohea has been in custody over the past few weeks and is awaiting trial in Kuwait.

He was arrested after an assault on a Ghana national.

Lolohea is sought by authorities in Fiji in relation to charges of obtaining money by lying about jobs in Iraq to Fijian men.

Fiji police however are reportedly not aware of Lolohea's arrest.