26 Nov 2007

New Australian Government expected to quickly end so called Pacific Solution

8:11 pm on 26 November 2007

The Australian Council for International Development is positive that the new Labor government will end the Pacific Solution policy before the end of the year.

The policy was introduced six years ago to stop unauthorised boat arrivals in Australia.

The new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, has said during his election campaign that his government would shut down Australia's offshore immigration detention centre on Nauru at a very early stage, but he refused to give a time frame.

The council's executive director, Paul O'Callaghan, is certain the new government will end the policy, which he says will end a shameful period in Australia's history.

"This has been one of the most unsavoury aspects of the former Coalition Government's dealings with people who are escaping brutal regimes. The Rudd-Labour government's commitment will restore Australia back to what has been a far more positive history of receiving people who are escaping brutal regimes."

Paul O'Callaghan