14 Nov 2007

Cooks considers US plan for underwater power generation

4:24 pm on 14 November 2007

The Cook Islands Government is prepared to look at electricity generation using the ocean current.

The Cabinet considered a proposal for such a scheme today from a consortium headed by an American company.

Energy Minister, Tangata Vavia, says the consortium now needs to come back with a memorandum of understanding outlining their proposal to test the feasibility of having a submerged generator in the current off Rarotonga.

He says they still need to work out where to site the test generator.

"Maybe on the western end of the island, but that is [to be] determined by the study that has to be made, to know where the currents, the best area for that type of current to run that turbine."

Tangata Vavia says the testing would not be a cost on the Cook Islands Government.