13 Nov 2007

Palika wary of delay in New Caledonia's Noumea accord

2:08 pm on 13 November 2007

New Caledonia's pro-independence Palika Party has expressed concern over the delays and problems in implementing the 1998 Noumea accord on greater autonomy.

At its weekend congress, the party said it was necessary to get the support from all the accord signatories to respect the provisions that have been approved.

According to local press reports, the party alleges that an inertia has been been orchestrated to stop the accord from being implemented.

The accord provides for a phased and irreversible transfer of powers from France to New Caledonia but the anti-independence camp has called the process into question.

Paris has said it would honour the accord and a meeting has been called in France next month to discuss the accord.

The accord is to culminate in a referendum by 2018 to determine whether New Caledonia will accede to full independence.