6 Nov 2007

Fiji military boss hails failure of alleged assassination plot

2:57 pm on 6 November 2007

A court appearance is yet to occur in Fiji of six people alleged to have plotted to kill the military commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

The military commander says he is grateful that the alleged plot has failed.

"I'm also able to say with confidence that the plan to kill me and a number of others and thereby also endanger the lives of other innocent citizens of this country has failed. It has failed because of the dedication and determination of the men and women of our security forces, the military and the police."

New Zealand lawyer, Janet Mason, has criticised the sorts of charges being brought following the arrests in Fiji.

Six are now facing charges including inciting mutiny, treason and conspiracy to murder.

Ms Mason is seeking a judicial review of the actions of Fiji's interim government since it came to power in last year's coup.

She says these matters are at the heart of any attempts to bring mutiny or treason charges:

If you look at treason you will see it is an attempt to remove a legitimate government by violent means and you've got to ask who is the legitimate government.

New Zealand-based lawyer, Janet Mason