23 Oct 2007

Tokelau's referendum team now in Fakaofo

11:45 am on 23 October 2007

The ballot boxes for Tokelau's referendum have arrived for voting in the atoll of Fakaofo.

The people of the island will be the first in Tokelau itself to vote this time round to become self governing in free association with New Zealand.

From Fakaofo, Philippa Tolley reports.

"The ballot boxes are brought ashore by barge early this morning, voting will go on all day before the boxes and voting officials return to the boat to move onto Nukunono. The first votes were cast in Samoa for those working and studying over there, a general Fono or Parliament is scheduled for later this week to discuss the outcome of the vote. The first time the question over Tokelau's future was put in February last year, the answer was no."