15 Oct 2007

Greenpeace welcomes move to set up fifth marine reserve in CNMI

6:22 am on 15 October 2007

Greenpeace has welcomed efforts by the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas to set up their fifth marine reserve.

A newly signed bill prohibits fishing and the removal of any marine life or habitat within the reserve on Tinian for the next five years.

The only exemption is the seasonal collecting of shell fish and some fish species.

Greenpeace's Pacific Oceans Team leader Nilesh Gounder says they applaud moves in the region to protect fragile marine eco systems.

"Greenpeace is campaigning for 40-percent of the Pacific oceans and the world's oceans to be set aside as marine reserves and for the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands to do this I think it will add to that global network of marine reserves."