10 Oct 2007

Petition presented to the PNG parliament on domestic violence also raises other issues

10:58 am on 10 October 2007

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner, Gari Baki says a petition presented to parliament on the issue of violence against women and children goes hand in hand with another amendment that is being reviewed by the criminal court.

Mr Baki is attending a three day Pacific Police Chiefs conference in Wellington, where domestic violence is top of the agenda along with trans-national and organised crime in the region.

He says much of the violence against women stems from culture which is embedded in the minds of Papua New Guineans, but that's changing

"Women's groups are becoming so powerful in Papua New Guinea now, and the passing of the domestic violence bill in parliament will also enhance the amendment that is actually being done on the criminal court, which relates to marital rape so both of them go hand in hand.18"