10 Oct 2007

Palau Senate legal counsel gives more details of proposed traditional court

10:55 am on 10 October 2007

A bill has been tabled in the Palau Senate to create a traditional court that would help thin out the cases in the ordinary courts.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Santy Asanuma, says disputes, over title and land have increased in the Supreme Court and are causing much confusion among the public.

It suggests a new court should handle all land, property and other cultural issues.

The chief senate legal counsel, David Greenlees, who helped draft the bill, says it would ease the burden of the supreme court.


The proposed draft of the bill are to take matters that have traditionally clogged up the court system here, the hope is that if they create a parallel system that would allow the cultural leaders to deal with a number of these matters rather than have the courts deal with them, that they could thin out the cases that are currently in the courts here.

DUR: 20

David Greenlees says chiefs would make a decision that would have the effect of a court ruling.