28 Aug 2007

Opposition in Fiji to call for police to be re-armed

1:04 pm on 28 August 2007

There is opposition to a call by the Fiji Taxi Union for police in Fiji to be re-armed over what it claims is an increase in violence.

The union had appealed for the police to start carrying guns following a suspicious death of a taxi driver on the weekend, the third in recent months.

But, the director of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, Tupou Vere, says they remain opposed to the idea which has been suggested before.

"We do not believe that the solution to our problems rest on re-arming the disciplined forces. In our view, an armed force provides an opportunity for those institutions to use it against the citizens and against an elected government."

Ms Vere says there are more violent crimes occurring which is worrying but does not believe the police need to be re-armed to deal with the increase.