23 Aug 2007

TI Solomons calls latest law project against NGO's nonsense

3:14 pm on 23 August 2007

Transparency International Solomon Islands says the government's planned legislation requiring all civil society groups to be accountable is nonsense.

The government plans a law to make all non-governmental organisations and members of civil society answerable for their actions.

This comes as NGO's have challenged the government over its appointment of a fugitive Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as attorney general.

Transparency's Joses Tuhanuku says the prime minister does not seem to understand the basic principles of democracy.

"We have the right to do that, as citizens of that country, even without being in an organisation. Of course, he wants to be a dictator here. But this country is not under dictatorship, and should not be under dictatorship, according to our constitution and our law. So this is a place where people are free, they have the right to express themselves. I think what the government is talking about is all nonsense."

Joses Tuhanuku says they will wait to see what kind of legislation the government is planning to introduce.