23 Aug 2007

High level corruption and abuse at Post Fiji Limited

11:26 am on 23 August 2007

An audit report on the multi-million dollar, state-owned company, Post Fiji Limited, has found evidence of high level corruption and abuse of office by senior management and board members.

A statement released by the Prime Minister's Office says the audit found a total breakdown of accountability and transparency in the financial operations of Post Fiji.

The statement says the board and senior management engaged in unethical and corrupt practices in collusion with those they did business with, and at times among themselves, to defraud the company and the state for their personal benefit.

It says the instances of abuse, mismanagement and fraud are very serious and will be referred to the police and the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption for investigation.

Among other things the audit found board members running up hotel bills and claiming allowances running into tens of thousands of dollars when no meetings took place.

Senior executives were found to have appointed relatives and girlfriends to jobs without the positions being advertised and there was evidence of kickbacks in stationery purchases overseas worth millions of dollars.

The former chief executive of Post Fiji, Peni Mau, was removed early this year.

A replacement from within the company, Fani Vosaniveibuli, was sacked last month because one of her first actions was to use company funds to buy an upmarket vehicle costing 42-thousand US dollars for her use.