27 Jul 2007

Fiji nurses hope appeal to interim prime minister will end strike today

4:27 pm on 27 July 2007

The Fiji Nursing Association is hopeful their industrial dispute can be resolved by the end of today, as talks have opened up with the Interim Prime Minister's office.

The Association says there are now close to 1,500 nurses who have walked off the job over demands to restore their 5 percent pay cut and other conditions.

The Association's general secretary, Kuini Lutua, says they have just sent back a response to a letter and memorandum of agreement that the interim Prime Minister's office had sent this morning.

She says they're hoping for a call to discuss areas that are still a bit cloudy, so a confirmed solution can be made.

"'Yes we are hopeful that the Prime Minister will look at our revised MOA, and we believe he can make the decision today. We hope that he will come back to us by this afternoon. We have not revised our 5 percent pay cut down, that still stands. We would like to talk to them on that particular one because so far that is the only contentious item we have left to discuss with him."

Kuini Lutua.