26 Jul 2007

Fiji law society attacks Solicitor General's appointment

10:56 am on 26 July 2007

The Fiji Law Society has criticised the appointment of New Zealander Christopher Pryde as the country's new solicitor general, describing it as another unconstitutional act.

The Law Society president, Devanesh Sharma, says the interim administration is showing blatant disregard for proper judicial appointment procedures.

Mr Sharma says the Judicial Services Commission should have first dealt with the removal of the former solicitor general, Nainendra Nand, before making another appointment.

Mr Sharma says he is disgusted at the manner in which Mr Nand was removed after the military takeover and has questioned President Iloilo's powers to terminate him from the position.

He says every single appointment made by the Judicial Services Commission has been illegal and contrary to the provisions of the 1997 Constitution in that proper approvals were not sought.

The Law Society president says there was no transparency in Mr Pryde's appointment and accused the Judicial Services Commission of being only a rubber stamp.

Mr Sharma has also questioned how much in public funds is being used to pay three expatriate laws in the Attorney General's Chambers - Mr Pryde, Grant Tyrrell and Gerard McCoy.