25 Jul 2007

Residential housing promised if National Alliance remains in power in PNG

8:13 pm on 25 July 2007

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, says with the economic gains the country has been making, the new government should focus on helping house the thousands of people drifting into the cities.

After this month's elections Sir Michael's National Alliance has the most seats declared so far and he says he's confident they will remain in power.

Sir Michael says the economy is continuing to soar with growth to reach five percent this year, and these resources can be directed towards areas like housing.

"We have to house our people. Yes we are traditionally a village based economy, but I think we have more and more people coming into towns - the influx into towns is incredible. [There are] squatter settlement problems we have to address because with the squatter settlements you are looking at the spread of disease like HIV/AIDS. So this is not very good."

Sir Michael also wants a focus on climate change, HIV/Aids, border control and bird flu.