25 Jul 2007

Papua legislative council deliberating microchip regulation for people with HIV/AIDS

10:27 am on 25 July 2007

The Legislative Council of Indonesia's Papua province is deliberating a regulation that would see microchips implanted in people living with HIV/AIDS so authorities could monitor their actions.

The Jakarta Post reports that according to Article 35 of the regulation on healthcare in the province, to supervise and control people with HIV/AIDS a detection device is needed to monitor the movements and sexual activities of people with HIV/AIDS.

The article has been condemned by activists and government officials in the province as a gross violation of rights.

Dr John Manansang, a member of the working group deliberating the regulation, told reporters in Jayapura that if the regulation was approved by the council in its present form, the article on microchips would be implemented.

Dr Manansang said the microchips would be imposed on people with HIV/AIDS who practice high-risk behaviors.

However, the Papua chapter of the National AIDS Commission has slammed the proposal as a violation of human rights.

It says any form of identification of people with HIV/AIDS violates human rights.