18 Jul 2007

Greenpeace calls on Samoa PM to unite Pacific countries in control of tuna resources

10:43 am on 18 July 2007

Greenpeace Pacific Administration and Oceans team leader Nilesh Goundar has called on the Samoan Prime Minister to take the lead and unite the region to control tuna resources.

Mr Goundar is visiting Samoa to raise awareness on the tuna crisis in the Pacific.

He says the drastic depletion of tuna stock has prompted Greenpeace Australia to do the campaign.

Mr Goundar has told the Samoa Observer that Samoa and other Pacific Island states are being cheated in the tuna trade by rich countries such as the U.S.

He says the United States generates 6-billion US dollars from the tuna trade and distributes only 6 percent of the income to the Pacific countries.

He says the solution is for the Samoan leader to unite Pacific leaders to address the unfairness so the region can get what they deserve.