16 Jul 2007

Thumbs up for Palau's taro wine

6:44 pm on 16 July 2007

There's been a positive taste reaction by Japanese people to Palau's new taro wine or sochu.

Currently there was only sochu made from cassava and sweet potato, but with the help of Japan donating a wine extracting machine, Palau has made wine from taro.

It is made by fermenting rice and yeast for 7 days then adding cooked and mashed taro for another 7 days.

The fermented mulch is then distilled and extracted in 3 hours at 50 percent alcohol.

Thomas Taro, the vice president of Palau Community College's agriculture extension school, says Japanese taste testers have given it the thumbs up.

"The product itself - I guess Palau is the only country doing taro sochu. It has that very unique taste, and that texture to it. It's mild with a distinct taste and aroma of taro, and that's what makes it unique and kind of exotic."

Thomas Taro says the product's economic potential for Palau, is huge.