9 Jul 2007

Wanted Australian lawyer Moti to be sworn in as Solomons attorney general

4:05 pm on 9 July 2007

The Solomon Islands governor-general is scheduled to swear in a wanted Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as attorney-general tomorrow.

Mr Moti is wanted by Australia on child sex charges dating back to 1997 when he lived in Vanuatu.

He was suspended by the Public Service Commission until such time his name was cleared.

The swearing-in was to take place this morning but was reportedly deferred because of the visit to Honiara by the New Zealand foreign minister, Winston Peters.

The Solomons prime minister's press secretary , Deli Oso, says opposition to Mr Moti is political and won't stop his appointment.

"The swearing-in of the suspended attorney-general Julian Moti will take place tomorrow at the Government House at 2pm."

Deli Oso

Mr Moti evaded extradition from PNG last October by skipping bail, hiding out in the Solomon Islands High Commission in Port Moresby and then taking a clandestine PNG military flight to the Solomons.