9 Jul 2007

Tuvalu more than happy with outcome of global warming mock trial

9:40 am on 9 July 2007

The head of the Tuvalu delegation to the Pacific church leaders conference in Fiji last week, says the good news they take back home will be a relief to their people.

Reverend Tafue Lusama was commenting on the positive result from a panel of judges who listened to their cases at mock trial on how global warming will one day force people from their homes due to sea level rise.

The judges made eight recommendations which included giving citizens of countries most affected by climate change the right to resettlement in other Pacific Islands or region of their choice.

"This issue will be taken up at the PCC conference in Pago Pago in September and with the backing of the church leaders so we don't have any doubt of getting this issue through to all Pacific Islands."

Kiribati and Marshall Islands also presented their case at the week long conference.