7 Jul 2007

Fiji landowners get ancestral land back

8:29 am on 7 July 2007

An indigenous Fijian landowning unit which has been fighting for the return of their ancestral land for 40 years have had their wishes fulfilled by the interim administration.

Radio Legend quotes the landowners as saying they have been taking their requests for the land being used by the Fiji Hardwood Corporation for mahogany plantations to successive governments to no avail.

Handing over papers to the title of the land, the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, said his administration can stop the indigenous people crying and satisfy the landowners, while at the same time stopping the segregation of races.

He says his administration will not introduce any racist policies.

The head of the landowning unit which took control of their land, Chovilisi Kedrayati, says they started working through the unelected government after exhausting all avenues of assistance in the past years.