6 Jul 2007

Questions raised about money for doctor training in American Samoa

10:00 am on 6 July 2007

American Samoa's Senate President, Lolo M. Moliga is seeking an explanation from LBJ hospital management as to why a hospital physician was not authorized to take up a one-year fellowship in New Zealand.

In a letter to LBJ's acting CEO, Patricia Tindall, Lolo said it was disturbing to be told that the policy of sending local doctors off-island for further training has been sidelined because of a lack of funds.

He questioned the whereabouts of the $500,000 supplied by the Governor for clinical personnel training, approved in fiscal year 2004.

However, hospital board chairman Charles Warren says LBJ received only $261,000 from the Governor's Office and were told by the Treasury Department there is no money left.