5 Jul 2007

Journalists in Fiji shocked by travel ban on former CEO of national broadcaster

6:55 pm on 5 July 2007

Journalists in Fiji are said to be shocked and dismayed at the actions of the military which prevented the former CEO of the national broadcaster from leaving the country.

Francis Herman was stopped from boarding a plane to Australia last night by the military.

Mr Herman, who stepped down as head of Fiji Broadcasting last month, was due to have flown to Australia to address a conference of communications professionals.

Journalist Shalveen Chand from Radio Fiji says the military's actions have horrified other journalists.

"We were all shocked, we had not known that he was also being investigated and for him to be stopped when he was going to a conference up in Australia is appalling, it's annoying and the fact that someone could be just stopped and his freedom of movement be restricted like that is just unacceptable."

Shalveen Chand