4 Jul 2007

Fiji's deposed opposition leader calls on NZ to review sanctions

8:42 am on 4 July 2007

Fiji's deposed opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, has called on the New Zealand government to review its latest sanctions and avoid punishing innocent people.

Mr Beddoes says the sanctions were to be expected given following the expulsion of the New Zealand high commissioner, Michael Green.

But, Mr Beddoes says, he is not happy with the continuing ban on national and club sports teams and visiting seasonal workers to New Zealand.

Mr Beddoes says New Zealand can punish those who were responsible for Mr Green's expulsion but not those innocent citizens who had no part in the decision and who do not support the coup and its objectives.

He says innocent people who are denied visas would react negatively towards New Zealand and not necessarily towards the interim regime.