3 Jul 2007

Tonga public broadcaster defends its coverage of parliament

1:59 pm on 3 July 2007

The general manager of Tonga Broadcasting Commission, Elenoa Amanaki, is defending its coverage of parliamentary affairs, saying reports are fair and balanced.

Some cabinet ministers had recently criticised the TBC's coverage of parliament, saying that it was unbalanced and biased.

Parliamentary programmes have been off air for more than two weeks now.

Ms Amanaki says her staff work hard to get two sides to a story, and that the TBC has specific systems in place to monitor its reports.

"It's reporting fairly and accurately and we do our job professionally. I think that's the issue. And you know, some people don't like our type of reporting so they're complaining and they've raised their complaint."

Elenoa Amanaki.

TBC parliamentary coverage has been on hold for more than two weeks because it hadn't reapplied for a permit - which is required annually.