26 Jun 2007

Lawyer for human rights activist deported from Fiji

5:01 pm on 26 June 2007

An Australian-based lawyer for a human rights activist, Angie Heffernan, has been deported from Fiji.

The director of immigration, Commander Viliame Naupoto, said Dr John Cameron was declared a prohibited immigrant and was not allowed to enter Fiji.

The Commander says Dr Cameron has allegedly been breaching Fiji's immigration laws and working without a proper work permit.

But, Dr Cameron's colleague, Tupou Draunidalo, told Radio Legend that Dr Cameron had been coming to Fiji for a number of years, to do work for periods of less than 14 days, which does not require a work permit.

Ms Heffernan, who reportedly went into hiding earlier this year because she said the military were looking for her, hired Dr Cameron to seek a court order to stop the military from questioning or detaining her.

Radio Legend says it understands that Dr Cameron is also representing the Fiji Law Society in the case in which the society is questioning the legitimacy of the chair of the Judicial Services Commission which appointed Justice Gates as the acting chief justice.

Dr Cameron says he was blacklisted after Fiji's 1987 coup and not allowed in.