14 Jun 2007

Claimants to Samoa's paramount title seek injunction against third contender

10:42 am on 14 June 2007

The two claimants to the Malietoa paramount title in Samoa have applied to the Lands and Titles court to issue an interim injunction against the bestowal of the title on Fa'amausili Moli, the son of the late Head of State, Malietoa Tanumafili II.

The bestowal ceremony is planned to take place tomorrow

But the move to issue an injunction according to Uale Papali'i, a representative of Natuitasina clan, will go ahead after a consultation between the three claimants to the title before the registrar of the Lands and Titles court did not take place yesterday.

Papali'i says the heirs of Vainu'upo where the late Head of State and his son belong to did not turn up.

According to Papalii this means the claimants of Vainu'upo do not accept the court decision in 1939 for the next holder of the Malietoa title to be discussed and chosen by the three sides of the extended family.

The heirs of Vainu'upo, Talavou and Natuitasina have equal rights to the title as specified in the 67 year old court decision.