29 May 2007

Niue's police improve their skills in handling guns

7:08 pm on 29 May 2007

Niue's police force has been receiving instruction in the use of rifles and small arms.

The chief of police, Ross Ardern, says two instructors from the New Zealand police have been on the island to provide tactical options training, which includes the use of firearms.

He says like anywhere else in the world, Niue's police need to be able to respond to any event that may occur on the island.

"And one of the tactical options of course is to be able to have the safe use of firearms. Now Niue has always had firearms available for police on the island, and all we have done is upgraded and upskilled our staff in the use of those firearms."

Ross Ardern says they have been shown how to use the Winchester rifle and Magnum firearm, both of which used to be standard issue for New Zealand police.