28 May 2007

Rabuka rebuffed over Fiji electoral commission comment

3:17 pm on 28 May 2007

A member of the new electoral commission in Fiji rejects allegations of being pro-interim regime.

A former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says he does not like the composition of the new electoral commission as its members all support the interim regime.

But a member of the commission, Talei Burness, who is a former nurse and contributor to the Fiji Times, says that's not true.

"I don't really think he is in a position to be pointing fingers. People living in glasshouses should not throw stones, and people do have short-selected memories. That is my response to Mr Rabuka. I have been accused by Mr Rabuka and other ex-members of the SDL government about being pro-regime. I am not pro-anything, I am pro-justice for the people."

Talei Burness says she was asked to become a member by the interim regime.

Ms Burness says she does not have expertise in electoral matters, but expects to be guided and bring the people's perspective to the commission.