21 May 2007

Niue says it's doing all it can to sort airport woes

3:58 pm on 21 May 2007

Niue's premier Young Vivian says his country is trying its best to overcome problems with its airport.

This follows yesterday's Air New Zealand flight ordeal which saw one of its plane abort its landing on Niue.

A technical malfunction with the approach lights at Niue's Airport forced the jet to abandon its landing and go into an hour-long holding pattern while engineers unsuccessfully tried to fix the problem.

The plane, with 78 passengers, then refuelled in Tonga before returning to Auckland after almost ten hours.

Mr Vivian says the lighting system was installed at the end of last year.

"They're new... but we've had problems with very bad wet weather - lightning, thundering, and it has caused problems with the cables and the generators at the airport."

Young Vivian says New Zealand technicians are working on stabilising the system.