18 May 2007

Fii bloggers say site closure is a ploy to surprise military

12:39 pm on 18 May 2007

The bloggers behind the website, resistfrankscoup, say they shut the site down themselves as a ploy, and have relocated to a new blogsite called 'why fiji is crying.'

A statement issued by the Why Fiji is Crying Team, says it was not Fiji's telecommunications company, FINTEL, that shut down the 'resisfrankscoup' blogsite.

It says they did it themselves to take the military by surprise and give them false hope.

The bloggers say they do not live in Fiji but do have many avenues of keeping in touch with their followers.

The statement says FINTEL can monitor activities on the resistfrankscoup blog, and can trace it back to registered users through Connect Fiji Ltd, but can't pin-point who is behind the keyboard because many people can be using the same Connect account.

The blog teams warns that FINTEL and Connect run the risk of breaching client confidentiality if they give out any information to the military.

FINTEL has been advising the interim government on how to close sites the military objects to.