17 May 2007

FINTEL advises Fiji ministry in blocking access to anti-regime websites

6:43 pm on 17 May 2007

Fiji's sole telecommunications and internet provider, FINTEL, has declined to confirm whether it is blocking access to websites critical of the military and its administration.

The blogsite, Resist Frank's Coup, is now no longer accessible, following a brief shutdown of another website Intelligentsiya.

A statement released by FINTEL does confirm that the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration had approached the company about the possibility of blocking access to selected blogsites.

It says FINTEL is assisting to examine the most effective way of addressing the ministry's concerns.

FINTEL says it has advised of ways of addressing the Ministry's concerns without compromising national access to the entire internet and without breaching the conditions of FINTEL's license as the international gateway service provider.