14 May 2007

PNG candidate says Highlands could be successful with proper infrastructure

10:25 am on 14 May 2007

A candidate in PNG's upcoming elections says the country can be turned around if the people in the Highlands have the infrastructure to properly develop agriculture.

Francis Kaupa who is standing for the National Alliance party, has a strong business background having headed Orogen Minerals and the Mineral Resources Development Company, MRDC.

He is contesting the Chauve Open seat in Chimbu province and says his motivation is to do something to improve infrastructure that's been neglected for too long.

"If we can get a basic infrastructure in our districts going, our people are very resourceful people they can grow coffee, they can grow vegetables. We could easily convert the current government's green revolution policy to something real by developing agriculture in a big way in our villages. But if you develop agriculture and you do not have means of transporting what you grow to the markets there is no point in having that policy"