3 May 2007

Donors to Pacific Islands region meet in Washington next week

2:16 pm on 3 May 2007

A meeting of donors to the Pacific Islands region will be held in Washington next week.

Several countries in the region have benefited from millions of dollars of aid pouring in but there have been concerns raised that there needs to be greater co-ordination of funding and projects so that efforts aren't duplicated.

The U.S. ambassador to Fiji, Larry Dinger, says this will be one of the themes of the meeting.

He says there's no problem associated with the funding if it's directed in the appropriate way.

"From my perspective, I don't think we have any concern at all so long as the money that is provided by donors is done so in a constructive manner towards open, transparent development processes. And, one of the themes of the Core Partners meeting that will be happening in Washington is exactly that, trying to ensure that all the donors are on the same page."

Representatives from The EU, Japan, the U.S., China, India, South Korea, Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand are among those attending the Core Partners meeting.