1 May 2007

Western Province disaster committee in Solomons admits problems with co-ordination

10:21 am on 1 May 2007

The Western Province disaster committee has admitted there have been problems with the co-ordination in assessment of which areas in the west of Solomon Islands have needed relief since the earthquake and tsunami of April 2nd.

The quake and tsunami killed 52 people and left thousands homeless in Western and Choiseul provinces.

While most of the surviving victims have now been supplied with relief and temporary accommodation, disaster officials are gradually establishing those who missed out on relief and assistance.

The chairman of the Provincial disaster committee, Arnold Moveni, says that there have been problems co-ordinating with NGOs and other agencies.

"We've made a number of progress with some of our NGOs, they have made a significant contribution so for this reason we will supply some of these affected areas. The only thing we need to be careful about is that we need this information feedback from these NGOs."

Arnold Moveni.