28 Apr 2007

World War Two torpedo boat laden with explosives found on Solomon Islands beach

9:12 am on 28 April 2007

What appears to be part of a World War Two torpedo boat has been found laden with explosives on a beach in Solomon Islands.

A Solomon Island government spokesperson, Alfred Maesulia, says the boat was discovered after the islands uplifted following a recent earthquake.

He says it's not known whether the explosives are still live and they are waiting for bomb experts to assess and dispose of them, but it may take several days for the experts to get there.

Mr Maesulia says it's not unusual to find war relics in the area as there are many war ships and aeroplanes, but nobody has seen this ship before.

He says the wreckage is thought to be one of the US torpedo boats, such as the P-T-1-0-9, which the late US President Kennedy served on during the Second World War.